Cacha Mundinho – Flor de Cereja

Cacha Mundinho

Record Details

Jazz Fusion / World / Fado

The Cacha Mundinho Quartet has its own sound, to honor the Lusophone world. In March 2020, the young singer and songwriter Joana Almeida arrived in Amsterdam from Porto and opened new “umbrellas” with the percussionist Sjahin During, Maripepa Contreras on oboe/duduk, Pedro Ivo Ferreira – on double bass, to establish Cacha Mundinho in searching the landscapes of the rich Lusophone music cultures, intertwining the sounds of the Lusophony world towards a new horizon.

Music composed by Joana Almeida
Lyrics by Joana Almeida
Arrangements by Sjahin During

Joana Almeida – vocals & guitar
Maripepa Contreras – oboe, english horn & duduk
Pedro Ivo Ferreira – double bass
Sjahin During – percussion set