Antimufa plays tango and Argentinean folk music as no other band.

Not retrospective, but primarily forward-looking and adventurous, these four
Argentinean musicians are building on the musical tradition of Río de la Plata,
bringing back its spirit and flavor with a distinctive instrumentation.
The spontaneous improvisation added to classic tangos, milongas and folkloric
rhythms create a landscape of detailed textures, powerful melodies and sophisticated

For their last album, Grillos, they invited Martin Sued to play bandoneon. Even though
the compositions on this album are clearly rooted in popular Argentinian music, they
tried to give them a more contemporary approach.

  • Natalio Sued: Clarinet, tenor sax and voice.
  • Guillermo Celano: Guitar
  • Adan Mizrahi: Double bass
  • Marcos Baggiani: Drums